davies + dixon is female-founded.

It’s a big part of our story and we’re proud to tell it. davies + dixon was founded by two millennial go-getters who realized early on that teamwork makes the dream work. They met while working in the Fortune 500 beauty industry of New York City in 2010 and joined forces to launch the Seattle-based agency with two goals in mind: 1. To ensure brands have tailor-made solutions to foster worthy customer experiences. 2. To create a company where people WANT to work that focuses on people first, helping everyone reach their goals.



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Makenzie Davies, co-founder + CEO

Problem Solver : Connector

Makenzie is a midwest gal with a passion for connecting and relationships. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies to develop strategic communication campaigns, uncover missed opportunities, manage sales and marketing teams and help brands better tell their story through experiential marketing. Following her work in New York City with Avon and Kaplow Communications, Makenzie moved to Chicago and transitioned into the publishing, events and digital industries with Otherwise Incorporated, Time Out Chicago and Wrapports Media Group. As a lover of exploration and coffee in over-sized mugs, her adventures brought her to the Pacific Northwest, where she now resides in Ballard, Seattle, living on a boat with her beloved F.R.I.E.N.D.S. DVD collection.

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Kelsey Dixon, co-founder + president

Strategist : Socialite

Kelsey believes in bigger and bolder. It started early in her career with mark., by Avon. Still in college, she was hired as a field sales manager, where she was able to take an average-performing team to the second-highest performing team in the nation. This led to national and regional media coverage highlighting the successes. With a passion and background in tourism, she transitioned into a career with a luxury Pennsylvanian golf resort. She partnered with local visitors bureaus and associations to lead regional and multi-dimensional sales efforts, strengthen client engagement and facilitate marketing and training solutions. Kelsey’s yearning for adventure led her to move from the East Coast to Seattle and take full advantage of the endless possibilities that are the PNW. For now though, she's reppin' us in South America!

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Alix Sappington
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Alix Sappington, senior marketing manager

Challenger : Creative Genius

Alix is an experienced marketing strategist, talented graphic designer and master of all digital communication types. She wears her millennialism on her sleeve with her willingness to take risks, constant push for innovation and priority of staying on trend. Alix spent three years mastering the higher education marketing landscape (marketing to some of the nation's youngest "buyers") while simultaneously helping build davies + dixon in its infant stages and managing an extensive client list. She met the founders while managing cosmetic sales in the Midwest region with Avon— from there it’s history. Now, she’s the Senior Marketing Manager at d+d. You can find Alix road-tripping on the West Coast, blasting Beyonce jams or doing lunges somewhere in public.

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Zoe Kahn, marketing manager

Visual Brander : Digital Storyteller

As a big apple transplant, Zoe is one of the fastest walkers in the Pacific Northwest. With expert communication skills and a high EQ, she can embody the voice of any brand on any platform. Zoe spent her summers working for publications like Glamour and V Magazine as well as Fortune 500 companies like Coach and Kenneth Cole. She studied at the University of Michigan and the University of Washington, obtaining a BA in creative writing and a minor in art and design. At d+d, Zoe uses digital storytelling to express her creativity, both verbally and visually. When #OOO, you can find Zoe at the Seattle Art Museum or across the street at her favorite sushi restaurant. 

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The plus in our logo isn't just pretty in pink.
It represents our core values:

Be obsessed with your clients + connections
Be a positive influence + create positive change
Be humble + empower others
Be agile + own it