Our Story

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It all started when…

In 2015, we were working from each other’s kitchen tables and living off scrambled eggs. Our only additional support came from a part-time freelancer friend located in Indiana and an unpaid intern (who happened to be Makenzie’s sister). Now, davies + dixon is fueled by seven distributed employees, our office is headquartered in Seattle and we’ve seen 40 percent growth every year since we opened our doors. While we’re still writing our story, we’re proud of the reality we’ve built for our clients and for our team.

We didn’t start this journey just so we could have the freedom to work for ourselves. With the ongoing evolution of marketing, thanks to technology, brands aren’t able to keep up. We want to help brands stay innovative while creating purposeful experiences with their consumers and better communicate. And we want to provide a lot of value and quality while doing so, truly becoming an extension of a team. This is exciting because we get to be part of so many amazing brands and, therefore, their customers. The challenge is thrilling. We want to disrupt the marketing services industry by being strategic partners, but also executors and creative thinkers—therefore leaning in deeply to our clients' marketing needs and proving great results on their behalf. All with technology and innovation as our tool rather than the brands' reason for falling behind.

Along the way, this journey became a lifestyle that we created and were passionate about living everyday. We want to continue showing others that this lifestyle of creating your reality is possible if you want it bad enough. Our love of travel and the level of trust and empowerment we both experienced early on in our careers with Avon has led us to instill the digital nomad work culture into d+d as we’ve grown this company. We offer a one month work remote policy and an unlimited PTO policy to our full-time staff because we believe work can be a passion and a blend into your personal hopes and dream. Travel fuels our team’s passion and creativity. It allows us to put forth our best work, while also creating our reality. With the world at our keyboards, our access is limitless. We are more connected than ever, and we believe this can be a foundation for a career.

We believe in doing things differently and have built our company from scratch and brought our vision to life because of that. This didn’t happen by chance. It required hard work, focus, mentorship and empowerment through the networks and relationships we have leveraged. Relationships have been the key to our success, and we believe it’s the key to all success. The power of people is strong. We’re tired of seeing conferences, events and blogs recycle the same basic knowledge and opinions. While this content is helpful, we’ve heard it all before. In order to grow, we need new, real, raw content and stories. When we take the stage, we showcase different perspectives and ask questions rather than speak at our audiences. It’s reflective of our approach in everything we do.

Let’s join forces and do things differently together.

Meet the Co-Founders

Makenzie Davies

Kelsey Dixon