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It’s a big part of our story and we’re proud to tell it.

davies + dixon was founded by two millennial go-getters who realized early on that teamwork makes the dream work. They met while working in the Fortune 500 beauty industry of New York City in 2010 and joined forces to launch the Seattle-based agency with two goals in mind: 1. To ensure brands have tailor-made solutions to foster worthy customer experiences. 2. To create a company where people WANT to work that focuses on people first, helping everyone reach their goals.

We're a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating innovative, tailor-made campaigns. We believe in daring ideas to get your story told. And we never turn down a dare.

What We Believe

Why We Exist

We inspire badassery.

We create our reality through a digital nomad culture while producing daring work with a boundary-pushing team.

We partner with clients who are willing to take risks and empower our employees with the tools and resources to get them there.

Meet the Founders

In 2015, we were working from each other’s kitchen tables and living off scrambled eggs. Our only additional support came from a part-time freelancer friend located in Indiana and an unpaid intern (who happened to be a founder's sister). Now, davies + dixon is fueled by seven distributed employees, our office is headquartered in Seattle and we’ve seen 40 percent growth every year since we opened our doors. While we’re still writing our story, we’re proud of the reality we’ve built for our clients and for our team.

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Makenzie Davies

Makenzie believes in creating your reality by “rebelling the box.” The “box” is the status quo, or the walls that confine people to what they’re used to or expecting. She rebels what she’s “told” to do, and not in a negative way, but in a way where she’s breaking down those traditional box walls and creating a new path—a lesser-known path.


Kelsey Dixon

Kelsey believes in creating your reality by “breaking borders.” Inspired by both tragedies and successes, she chooses to execute life differently. Breaking borders means pushing boundaries and breaking the mold of what the world says we have to be and have to do. She’s literally crossed borders by taking her business abroad and embraced the digital nomad lifestyle.

Let’s join forces and do things differently together.

Our Digs

With over 30 client success stories, we have built a reputation for high touch creativity. We’re modern. We’re daring. And we inspire badassery.