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Makenzie Davies

Makenzie believes in creating your reality. As the co-founder and CEO of davies + dixon, she built her career on pushing people and brands to bigger heights. She’s got a talent of helping people believe in their ideas and themselves to accomplish greater things. At d+d, Makenzie manages a badass team of seven digital experts while also leading the business development efforts across the globe. Before her dream world at d+d began, she worked for Fortune 500 companies to develop strategic communication campaigns, uncover missed opportunities, manage sales and marketing teams and help brands better tell their story through experiential marketing. Following her work in New York City with Avon and Kaplow Communications, Makenzie moved to Chicago and transitioned into the publishing, events and digital industries with Otherwise Incorporated, Time Out Chicago and Wrapports Media Group. She’s a proud Ball State University Journalism + PR alum who now resides on a boat in Seattle, WA.

Speaking Engagements

Makenzie believes in creating your reality by “rebelling the box.” The “box” is the status quo, or the walls that confine people to what they’re used to or expecting. She rebels what she’s “told” to do, and not in a negative way, but in a way where she’s breaking down those traditional box walls and creating a new path—a lesser-known path. She’s found early on in her career that power and freedom comes with trusting yourself and taking the leap, while leaning into your network can help pave these new paths. Makenzie has since shown people that “normal” isn’t always best and it’s worth the challenge to “rebel.” Makenzie guides those around her to trust their intuition and to be truly in tune with what they’re passionate about and what they need.

Common Speaking Topics

  • Perfect is BULLSH*T: Stop planning + start acting

  • Get out of your own way: How brands are prohibiting their success

  • Self love over selfish: Why putting yourself first is incredibly important

  • The power of people: How one random happy hour led me to build my dream career

  • Why investing in people first has made me successful

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  • Association Marketer

  • Speaker at MPI, ILEA, Levo League, Success Bully Podcast, YPOS