Ever wonder who sends out the live tweets and grams during your favorite conference? That’s us. davies + dixon partnered with Soliman Productions, Inc. to provide you with top tier onsite digital engagement services. Bring us to your next big event to run your live content strategy and truly bring your attendees together.

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  • Live social media strategy

  • Seamless content creation and sharing

  • Creative multimedia video

  • Crisis communications

  • Onsite social media team

  • Post-event social media execution

  • Post-event recap promo video

  • Year-round attendee communications

  • Analytics reporting


  • Live social media is crucial. Nearly as many people are talking about an event before it happens as they are while it’s happening. (source)

  • Keeping up with your audience on social media is a full-time job. (And we’re pretty sure you already have one of those.) Depending on the manpower you need, we can send a small or large team to do this for you.

  • The saying “pics or it didn’t happen” is real to your audience. Make sure your event is properly captured and shared with attendees so they can remember the experience well after it happened.

  • Sixty percent of smartphone owners are using their devices at social gatherings and events. Engage with your audience where they already are! (source)

  • Content (i.e. video and photography) delivered before, during and after your event influences your attendees overall perception of the event.


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